Menus – Bar


17 each

one punch man rum, bourbon, pandan, rau ram, cashew, lime, pineapple, milk-washed
scotch & crackers coconut infused scotch, oloroso, makrut lime, winter melon sugar
the remedy mezcal, smoked ginger, honey, lemon, jalapeño
dillmatic tequila, dill, corn silk, pasilla, peanut, lime

princess of agrabah gin, jasmine, apricot, turmeric, manzanilla, honey, lime

bird’s eye view rum, lilikoi, thai basil, thai chili, chrysanthemum, lime
martini choice of gin or vodka, vermouth, smoked castelvetrano olive, rosemary oil
manhattan black butter bourbon, vermouth, bitters
alter ego japanese whiskey, lapsang souchong, amaro
mr. sinister mezcal, vermouth, benedictine, bitters


Draught Beer

pilsner  handshake pils  9.
break even beermakers

west coast ipa  absolutely fantastic  10.
cellarmaker & kern river brewing collaboration

farmhouse ale w/sea salt & lime  surfcasting  12.
oxbow brewing co.



dry cider  nü dry  10.
far west cider co.| 12oz can



pinot noir brut rosé  leitz, rheingau, germany, nv  14. | 70.

euphoria  amass riverine, vermouth, oolong, tonic  15.

dr. strangelove  the pathfinder aperitif, ginger almond, lime  15.

the upside down  vanilla wafer, orange, lemon, black tea, milk-washed  15.

lisa lionheart  vermouth, lapsang souchong, lemon, grapefruit soda  15.

kölsch-style ale
best day brewing | 12 oz can  8.


pineapple-cilantro soda  11.

ginger soda  9.

fever tree pink grapefruit soda  6.