Menus – Bar


15 each

one punch man, rum, bourbon, pandan, rau ram, cashew, lime, pineapple, milk-washed

scotch & crackers, coconut infused scotch, oloroso, makrut lime & winter melon sugar

we got the beet, beet infused tequila, cilantro, hojicha, chili vinegar & seltzer

the remedy, mezcal, smoked ginger, honey, lemon, jalapeño

lost voyage, jamaican rum, sesame, banana, lime & almond

martini, choice of gin or vodka, vermouth, smoked castelvetrano olive juice, rosemary oil

manhattan, black butter bourbon, vermouth, bitters

alter ego, japanese whiskey, lapsang souchong & amaro

the upside down, vanilla wafer, orange, lemon, black tea, milk-washed non-alcoholic

Draught Beer

helles-style lager, velvet glow, russian river brewing co.  8

saison w/ quince, cardamom & quinine, brasserie fantôme  13

west coast IPA, inhume, ghost town brewing  9

Bottled Beer & Cider

spelt saison, saison d’epautre
brasserie de blaugies | 375 mL  20

oak-aged solera-style tart saison, cask 200
sante adairius rustic ales | 750 mL  39

IPA, wild gooseberry chase
cellarmaker brewing | 16oz can  11

dark lager, boney fingers
moonlight brewing co. | 16oz can  9

dry cider, nü dry
far west cider co.| 16 oz can  13

kolsch-style, non-alcoholic
best day brewing | 12oz can  6